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Play Geography: 50 States



Game Description

Can you find Texas on a map? What about Alaska, Hawaii, or Michigan? The United States of America is a big beautiful country filled to the brim with borders and states and in Play Geography: US States we put your knowledge of those states to the test. This is a fast, fun, and educational game where your knowledge of the Americas will be put to the ultimate test. You will be able to not only test your knowledge of where states are within America but if you are wrong and do not know, the game provides the answer for you and points out where the state is, thus teaching you for the next time you play. And you will play again. Play Geography: US States is timed as well as having a counter for correct answers thus allowing you to compare and challenge your time as well as your accuracy. You may be fast but are you right? You may be right but are you fast? We'll see, we'll all see! Please pay attention to the corrections and make sure that you come back to play again. While the game is challenging you should learn more and be able to accomplish more with each successive play. Test your memory and sharpen your skills! Geography is important, the ability to arbitrarily choose and defend borders is all that separates us from the animals in the wild! Rack up a great score and then try to beat it, learn where the long-fabled Minnesota really is, and show off your knowledge to your friends!


Please read the questions asked by the game and then use your mouse to locate on the map where the answer is and click it.

Play Geography: 50 States Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateApr 28, 2019
DeveloperPlay Geography

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over 4 years ago

uhhh, I can't click on Florida