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Parishes of Jamaica



Game Description

Parishes of Jamaica is an educational game to help you learn your Jamaican geography. If you do not know what a parish is, it is an administrative structure with its own local government. There are 14 parishes in Jamaica which you can memorize in no time. Do you know where Saint James, Trelawny, or Portland is? What about Kingston or Saint Andrew? Do not worry if you do not know or have ever heard of these regions from Jamaica. This map game teaches you as you play and challenges you to keep all of your points. Play this game until you have memorized every parish in Jamaica. Fun fact about Jamaica: Every parish has a coast so none are landlocked.


To play this map game, you begin with 100 points. The online game will prompt you to locate a parish. For every answer wrong, you lose points and you find out which region you did select. Get the answer wrong 3 times, and the game will let you know the correct answer which you must select in order to advance to the next question. Correct parishes stay highlighted so you do not accidentally select them. Play, again and again, until you manage to keep your 100 points in one session.

Parishes of Jamaica Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateNov 26, 2020
DeveloperPlay Geography

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