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Neon Switch



Game Description

Neon Switch is a fast-paced reflex game.  In Neon Switch you are the arbiter of a simple binary, yellow or cyan. That is all you have to do and that is all you have to know. When the yellow blobs come at you, switch to yellow. When the cyan blobs show up, switch to cyan. That is it, it's simple, or is it? You see, in the world of Neon switch: nothing is as it seems. This is a reflex game where your pattern recognition and speed will be put to the ultimate test. The ring must be spun, and when it is you better be dang sure that it is spun in the correct direction towards the appropriate color. Because if you don't take the appropriate actions to line up the color with the neon ring then its game over. Thatsit. You only get one chance at this stuff. Your score will be based upon how long you're able to keep it up under the pressure. And the longer you survive the faster it gets. It is a game of stamina as much as it is a game of strength. 


To play this online game, use your mouse to click on the neon ring in order to flip it to the matching color as it comes rushing at you.

Neon Switch Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJul 4, 2019
DeveloperNeon Games

9514 plays


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