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Neon Factory



Game Description

Neon Factory is a puzzle game where you must match 3 tiles. Play this entertaining and unique matching game based on a factory. Enjoy the neon colors that pop against a black background. You’re a hard worker in a factory and you must package up items in groups of 3. On the right side, drag and move the claw to toss tiles into lines that matched the one at hand. Simultaneously, on the left side, click on tiles coming down the conveyor belt to slide them down the lines and create groups of 3. If you don’t click on it though, it will automatically add itself to a line. Math all the tiles before time runs out. Tiles don’t need to be in a row to be matched, they can be connected from the top or bottom. There are 15 levels of this online game for you to play! 


To play this puzzle game, hold and drag the claw using your mouse or finger to the line with a matching tile. For the conveyor belt, simply click on the tile as it is coming down and it will go on the line that it’s currently passing. Or leave the tile alone and it will automatically add itself to a line. Use limited hints that either let you switch out the tile, will take out a whole row, or give you extra time.

Neon Factory Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJun 18, 2020
DeveloperNeon Games

13131 plays


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