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Monster Go



Game Description

Monster GO is a free puzzle game. All the rainbow hued monsters of the world have been picked up, shaken around and wound up scrambled all over the ethereal grid. In order to help these monsters out you're going to have to step in and make some tough choices here. How will you step up and connect the different monsters to their like colored bretheren? Will you have the clarity of mind and the purity of purpose that is needed to avoid the improper routes, dodge obstacles, and build a path to success? We sure hope you can do it and so do the monsters who have been trapped in these chaotic grids. You'll have to use pattern recognition, have a solid grasp of your spacial surroundings and be able to envision a path in your head before you make your first click if you're going to want to climb your way to the top of the leaderboard in this competitive game. Monster Go is a puzzle game that seems cute and easy at first but gets harder and more complex the longer you go. Do you have what it takes tobecome the hero of the monsters?


On your desktop computer or mobile device use your mouse to point and click or your finger to point and tap in order to select the monster you wish to control and build their path in front of them. Your path must go from one colored Monster to its like colored match on the other side oft he board. The paths must also not interfere with the other paths in the level.

Monster Go Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJul 8, 2021

12707 plays


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