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Medieval Freecell



Game Description

Medieval Free Cell is a card game with a medieval theme! Follow the rules of free cell solitaire to play this fun card game. Each card is decorated with various medieval items like temples and swords. There are several levels for you to play in this card game. Each level is timed so you must make your choices quickly but carefully. You only have 3 chances to undo your mistakes. The card game will let you know when there are no more moves left but if you get stuck, you can always restart the game yourself. To stack the cards, they must alternate in suits, but the foundations can only be stacked with matching suits. You can move top cards or move cards in groups. Complete 4 foundations from Ace to King to win each level of this game. 


To play this card game, you must place all 52 cards in foundations from Ace to King with matching suits. There are 4 free cells at the top of the game with 4 foundation slots. You only have 3 Undos per game. Click Restart if you want to start over. You can play each level in order, or select the level you want to play.

Medieval Freecell Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateApr 8, 2021
DeveloperNeon Games

12865 plays


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