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Math Madness



Game Description

Math Madness is a math game combined with a clicker game. This is a practice zone for your training, and your job is to stop the missiles from landing on the empty buildings. If you let a rocket pass you by, it will begin destroying the buildings and you will lose the game. Some missiles can be destroyed with a couple of clicks while others are tougher to beat. Be wary of the airplane that will drop down more missiles as it slowly flies by. Some of the missiles may be fast while others are slower. Whatever the case, you must protect the buildings as best you can. If the buildings get completely destroyed, you lose that session. Do not fret though, after you get through some math problems, you can get back to your clicker game! This is a great way to break up your studying time with a quick session of math!


To play this math game, click on your grade and then select your skill. You must first answer 5 math questions correctly to play a session of Math Madness. For the clicker game, click on the missiles until they burst into golden stars. The more you destroy the better your score.

Math Madness Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateApr 1, 2021
DeveloperMath Games

11118 plays


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