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Math Jewel



Game Description

Math Jewel is an online game that combines both math and matching! For the matching part of this game, you will find gold tiles that each are covering a beautiful jewel. Click on each tile to turn them over, and memorize the places of the jewels to match them. Solve each pattern quickly, and you will be allotted more time. If the timer has not run out, a new pattern and challenge will appear for matching. Try to last longer with every game to get the best score possible. The math portion of this game lets you study skills from preschool to the eighth grade. There are simple skills like multiplication and addition and there are also more complicated skills like geometry and decimals. This is a great math game to use to break up your studying time with a relaxing matching game. 


To play this educational game, select your grade and skill. Complete 5 math questions correctly in order to unlock the next level of the matching game. To play the matching game, click on the tiles to turn them over and find matching pairs. Watch the green bar at the bottom to know how much more time you have left.

Math Jewel Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJun 17, 2021
DeveloperMath Games

7237 plays


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