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Math Controller



Game Description

Math Controller is a combination of a math game and a strategy game. Space is not just a dark void of nothingness. There are other spaceships, asteroids, planets, and stars! You are the navigator for the space station that is directing spaceships back to home base. Create paths for the spaceships to get them to home base without crashing into other spaceships or asteroids. Some asteroids are small, some are big. Some are fast, and some are slow. You will see a red exclamation mark indicating incoming flying objects. Crash into anything and you lose the game! If you want to play another session, answer 5 math questions correctly to unlock the game again. This is a fun way to practice math without getting overwhelmed.  


To play this educational game, select your grade and skill. Answer 5 math questions in order to unlock a game session. You can change skills during gameplay or at the end of the game. To play the strategy part of this game, click and drag a path to lead the spaceship to its destination. You will see a white line indicating the path you created. Avoid asteroids and other obstacles. Pick up cargo to earn bonus points. If you fail, click Menu again to play another game session.

Math Controller Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateApr 22, 2021
DeveloperMath Games

6267 plays


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