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Make It Fit



Game Description

Make It Fit is a free puzzle game. Let's embark on an epic adventure where black and white blend into a mesmerizing tapestry of challenge and excitement. With each tap of your finger, you'll wield the mighty chisel and chip away at a colossal polycube, striving to shape it into the perfect form to fit through an oncoming barrier. Your mission is simple yet oh-so-exhilarating: survive for as long as you can, defying the odds and pushing the boundaries of possibility!

Picture this: you're standing on the precipice of a pixelated universe, where time and space converge in a breathtaking display of monochromatic brilliance. As you start your journey, your obstacles may seem deceptively easy, but don't be fooled! With every passing moment, the tempo quickens, and the barriers become intricate puzzles designed to push your skills to the limit. Will you speed through the challenge or falter under the pressure? "Make It Fit" is more than just a game; it tests your focus, agility, and determination. Marvel at the elegant simplicity of its black-and-white aesthetic, where every movement matters, and each decision could be the difference between victory and defeat. With its endless gameplay, there are no limits to how long you play or how far you go, except for the ones you create for yourself. The ever-increasing speed and complexity will keep you bound to your gaming receptacle, your heart pounding with anticipation. The rhythm of success lies in your ability to adapt, strategize, and seize the moment. Only the most skilled and determined will etch their name into the annals of infinite greatness!


On your desktop computer or mobile device, please use your finger to tap and chisel or your mouse to point and cli9ck away at the parts of the polycube that won't fit through the upcoming barrier. There is a specific hole made just for each shape and it is your job to chisel the polycube into the exact right shape to cross through.

Make It Fit Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateFeb 1, 2023

281 plays


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