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Mahjong Flowers



Game Description

Mahjong Flowers is a flower-themed free Mahjong game. We hope you like flowers because in Flower Mahjong not only will you be playing the classic game of 'Mahjong' but you'll be doing it with a totally cool flower theme. That's right: Flowers. Take all of the fun and excitement of pattern recognition that you love from the classic game of Mahjong and combine it with the floral aesthetics we all crave you wind up with Mahjong Flowers. The tiles in this game are large and their faces contrast violently against the backings of the images on them, this means that you'll have an advantage when it comes time for making patterns and clicking on them as fast as you can.

And yes, speed is a factor.

In this game not only are you being timed, but you are being awarded gold, silver, bronze or no stars based on your performance. The side of the screen features a count down to gold, silver, bronze, and nothing. If you can complete the Mahjong puzzle before the count down reaches each level of the star, you gain that star. If not you get nothing. Nothing.


Use your mouse to click on and through the various in-game menus. You will also use your mouse to select matching Mahjong tiles and make them disappear.

Mahjong Flowers Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateDec 26, 2019

30916 plays


about 4 years ago

Love the games on this site.