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Long Way



Game Description

Long Way is a free puzzle game. There are too many squares and it's getting a bit crazy, to be honest. You're going to have to save us all by helping to zero out all of the squares. Simply click on the numbered squares and then drag them until are zeroed out it's totally simple what are you waiting for. Long Way is a puzzle game that uses the power of subtraction to zero out a set sum over the course of a grid. The initial puzzles are easy, simple, they get you up on your feet with no problem. But as the game goes on the puzzles get tougher. It is impossible to keep up, you're in over your head, can you keep up? it sucks but we're not here to hold your hand. This is a game and what makes games fun is playing them, especially when they're hard. So, get playing. how us what you got, show us what you can do. Do you think you can finish this game? We doubt you can.


On your desktop computer or mobile device please use your finger to tap and drag or your mouse to point, click and drag. Your goal is to drag the numbered squares down to zero.

Long Way Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateOct 7, 2021
DeveloperCastello Games

12920 plays


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