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Line Creator



Game Description

Line Creator is a free puzzle game. Drag your finger, slide your mouse, in the dark of your apartment, through the din of the bus you manage to draw a colored line through 5 dots, and the connection is made. Life is about connections, whether they are the kind you need to make on Linkedin to get yourself a dream job at the web's number one free flash game site or the connection you need to make between your behavior and your trauma. Life is all about connections, for each of us is but a chromatic node lined upon a grid and waiting to be tapped for our moment to shine and disappear. Serve a higher purpose in this devilishly simple but engaging game of pointing, clicking, connecting, and climbing the leaderboard. If you have ever wanted to prove your intellect then this is the game for you, for the player who ascends the leaderboard is surely the smartest, most connected person you can possibly become.


On your mobile device or desktop computer use your finger or your mouse to point and click on the screen and select a series of two or more chromatically aligned dots to form a line.

Line Creator Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJun 17, 2021

23528 plays


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