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Jewel Master



Game Description

Jewel Master is a free match-three game. Welcome to the unnerving world of Match three games. A world where pattern recognition is so much more than a fun hobby: it is a way of life and a tool for survival. You must work on this talent, and hone it if you are to become a true Jewel Master.  In this game, we will put your matching skills to the ultimate test as you take on unscrupulous challenges Centered around the matching of jewels in horizontal or vertical patterns of at least three. Jewel Master is a game with levels to unlock, quests to go on and powers and abilities you can harness for your own unholy ends. Think fast and move even faster, that is a true Jewel Masters motto. Listen to us and heed our words as we dispense knowledge from on high:  Look for patterns, find the connections, flip the jewels, and you to may become a Jewel Master. Jewel Master is a satisfying game to play because it will allow you to grow on your skills and move through a world of unlockable levels and evil bad guys. Jewelish Master is a match three game that generously rewards players for sticking around and toughing it out. Play all night and your character will grow as the story does, unlock levels and abilities beyond your wildest dreams. This is the true beauty of the jewel Master.


On your desktop computer or mobile device please use your finger or mouse to point at and swap jewels so that they line up in a series of three. This of course is the easy part, take it to the next level by trying to unlock multiple sets with but a swipe and become the ultimate jewel Master.

Jewel Master Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateApr 1, 2021
DeveloperNeon Games

89785 plays


over 1 year ago

The wonky physics make this game difficult. Level 54 is impossible without some SERIOUS luck because the jewels refuse to fall into open slots on the outside rows unless you unlock them in a very specific order. Even though jewels will fall into other rows in most levels, they wont fall into the other row in 54 for some reason.


over 2 years ago

level 54 has a lag in the game where the blocks dont unfreeze even if you do all the correct moves. there's no winning level 54 unless they fix that problem.


over 2 years ago

I can't get past level 54... any hints?


almost 3 years ago

Level 9 is impossible with a touch pad!


almost 3 years ago

Game needs to ALLOW people to WIN at the 4000 in 1:00min level. The MOST I can get to is 3450 +/- and the game ends, regardless of number of bombs or moves. Another developer improvement could be the way we are ALLOWED to move pieces. I find that vs. "bejeweled," I can only move this games pieces left or up / right or down. I am locked. That takes time away from the "GOAL" too. I guess that's what you want right? LOL! Thanks for the IMPOSSIBLE challenge anyway. However, we would still like to WIN.