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Jewel Explode



Game Description

Jewel Explode is a match-three game. If you can point, click, count to three and like things that explode: then this game is for you. Jewels are an important part of all of our lives and the ability to flip them and then match them to other jewels in their vicinity is a fundamental life skill. This game will allow you to practice those crucial skills as you click, flip, match and explode your way through level after level of jewels. This is your chance to prove your worth by pulling off combos, using strategy to see three moves in advance and taking total control of the leader board with your superior skills. It is important to stand up and flip jewels in order to gain points. This is your chance to prove you're the best match-three player there is on all of the internet. Our built-in leader-board will track your progress and let you prove once and for all your true power levels. Gain upgrades and move as fast as possible to become the leader of the jewel explosion clique.


Use your mouse to click on the available jewels and then drag them to an adjacent corner in order to match three jewels and have them explode. You can do it.

Jewel Explode Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateNov 21, 2019

32186 plays


about 4 years ago

I like brain games