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This game does not support mobile devices.

Incognitus 2 - Asleep in the Deep



Game Description

Sneak around armed with nothing but your mouse and click your way through the darkness to find the clues.


Mouse to point and click and find clues.

Incognitus 2 - Asleep in the Deep Gameplay

Content RatingTeen+
Release DateMay 31, 2007
DeveloperWarped Out Entertainment

1032925 plays

big b99100

over 5 years ago

wtf am i doing playing this damn game


over 5 years ago

water fills up way to fast! not cool


over 5 years ago

too easy!!!! but the water was too slow! :.( sad


over 5 years ago

to hard and it was inpossible water is to fast


over 5 years ago

this game is so bad i think it gave me cancer lol


over 5 years ago

its ok but to hard weird bizar and not enough time

crackhead jones

over 5 years ago

its hard and just about impossible

puddin pop

over 5 years ago

it was awesome!!! couldnt beat it tho lol

over 5 years ago

i dont like it lol.....Add me!


over 5 years ago

how do u use an item