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Hidden Classroom



Game Description

Hidden Classroom is a hidden object game based on objects you find in school. Sometimes schools can get messy because students do not always return things to their place. With a big class and young students, it can get chaotic. Unfortunately, you got stuck with cleaning duty so you must put away all the items back in place. There are 10 levels to this hidden object game. There are classrooms from first grade to high school to clean up. You will find toys, notebooks, shoes, lamps, instruments, and utensils that need to be put back in their place. Find all the missing objects and complete all 10 levels of this online game. Each level is timed so you must search quickly. Once you have beaten all 10 levels, submit your score to see where you stand against other players. 


To play this hidden object game, use your finger or mouse to click on the objects. Pinch or long-click to zoom in. You can find the list of items in the first righthand panel. In the second righthand panel, you can find the hint option, timer, level, and score. If you get stuck and use the hint, this will lower your score so use it rarely.

Hidden Classroom Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateNov 19, 2020
DeveloperNeon Games

33072 plays


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