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Hamster Pop



Game Description

Hamster Pop is a free puzzle game. In this faun, fast-paced, and fur-filled game, you must match three as fast as possible before everything goes pop! This is a puzzle game with a special kind of challenge. You'll need to solve the problem of the order in which the hamsters are dealt. Use your ability to think ahead and plan for the future and carefully place all of the differently colored hamsters one at a time onto the space at the bottom fo the screen. You may need to place one or two to move it out of the way and get to the color you really need. That is what makes it a puzzle. Prove your logical skills. 


Use your mouse or keyboard to play. See the in-game instructions for more details. In this game you will select a hamster from the piles on top and drag it to the space at the bottom. Your job is to make all of the hamsters disappear by lining up three in a row.

Hamster Pop Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateNov 24, 2022

242 plays


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