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Gravity Control



Game Description

Gravity Control is a free physics game. If you have ever gotten the feeling that gravity was just trying to hold you down, this is the game for you! In Gravity Control you are no longer constrained by the ever-present pull of Earth's gravity. In this game, you take control of gravity and decide where you want to go and when. With great freedom comes great responsibility. While you are technically able to switch gravity on, off, and choose its angles you have to make good choices. One false move and you might find yourself sucked into a lattice of laser beams or plunged into a row of spikes. Yes, absolute control is freeing but it also comes with consequences. You will have to think ahead. Timing is key. Use your new ability to jump, slide, fly, and glide your way through various different obstacles. Find your way through a series of levels that are made up of obstacles and puzzles. If you are smart you will be victorious and if not? You will be decimated in the vaccum of outer space.


Use the Arrow Pad to activate your gravity control device and also glide through the levels.

Gravity Control Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJul 23, 2020

16075 plays


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