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Get 13



Game Description

Get 13 is a fast-paced game of math and strategy. Sure, almost anyone can count to 13. But the ability to do it while scrolling and by combining various numbers is a true art. Where most people just see a grid of unrelated numbers, you will see a series of interconnected digits which need to be brought together, one step at a time, in order to create the ultimate number: 13. In Get 13 you'll have to devise a strategy in order to combine numbers one by one in order to finally, ultimately, have them all equal 13. You'll start with a series of digits which are worth only one point, and then some that are worth only two points. You'll have to combine and combine until you are able to max out the numbers at 3. You can go higher, and you can go lower but eventually, the game will end and if you haven't been able to hit thirteen exactly you will be considered a failure. Sharpen your math skills and accomplish something well beyond your means in this exciting, grid-based, addition driven game of strategy.


Use your mouse to draw a connecting line between as many like numbers as you can find. Combine these numbers in groups of at least three in order to create one new orb with a value of 1 higher. Then combine other orbs in this same fashion until you are able to combine three orbs whose total value will equal thirteen.

Get 13 Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateAug 1, 2019

18453 plays


over 3 years ago