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Game Description

Generator is a free desktop puzzle game. Before you can make sparks fly you'll need to find a way to push this battery into the void. Generator is a directional puzzle game where you're forever trapped in a maze of your own making and need to find your way out by push, pulling, and avoiding different traps and obstacles. In every level, you have a generator that needs to be activated by being placed on a specific square. In order to get it the generator to the square, you'll have to find your way around different obstacles, pitfalls, and other dangerous but exciting kinds of challenges that make this a truly fulfilling game. Each level is designed in such a way that only a specific pattern of moving the generator and the various blocks around will allow you to move the generator where you need it to go. This isn't an impossible task but it isn't an easy one either. This is a puzzle game that challenges you to solve problems with logic and planning. It requires you to think multiple steps ahead and doesn't offer any upgrades, power-ups or special abilities to help you. Just like in life you will win or lose, pass, or fail based on the merits of your own abilities.


use the Arrow Pad to control your character and position the game elements in such a way that you can get the generator from point A to point B.

Generator Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateOct 29, 2020

24017 plays


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