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Gem Slide



Game Description

Gem Slide is a free gem game. This is a game about a grid of gems that are randomly assorted and laid out. Your job is to slide the gems left to right, right to left, up and down, and down and up. You must do whatever you can in order to make these gems line up in rows of three, but that is not all we want from you. In Gem Slide you'll be rewarded for being able to match not just three gems but four gems and in some cases five or more gems. But it also isn't just about lining up one kind of gem, in this game, there are multiple different types of gems, so, if you can line up three blue and 4 red at the same time then you are on fire. This is a game about spotting patterns, thinking ahead, making connections, and sliding your way to victory. If you like winning this game is for you! And if this game is for you then we encourage you to play it wherever you can, whenever you can. Play hard and see how far you can make it up the leaderboard.



On your mobile device or desktop computer, we are asking you to please use your finger to tap and slide or your mouse to point, click, and drag the gems. You can drag left to right, right to left, up to down or down to up.

Gem Slide Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateSep 9, 2021
DeveloperInfinity Makers

15394 plays


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