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Fractional Treasure



Game Description

Fractional Treasure is a puzzle game combined with math skills. The puzzle portion of this online game is based on chance. Click on the treasure chests to find gems, keys, and bags of gold. Get a red dot, though and you have landed on bad luck. Keep playing to keep the bar at the top green and all 3 hearts red. After playing this fun game of chance, take a break to study your math skills There are various math skills available from decimals, fractions, multiplication, and addition. The math skills vary from easy to middle school math. Answer 5 questions correctly to unlock another portion of the online game.


To play this educational game, select the math skill you want to practice first. You can always change your math skill throughout the game. Answer 5 math questions correctly to play another session of the game. Math questions are multiple-choice and do not have a time limit. To play the puzzle portion of this game, click on the treasure chests to see what is hidden inside. You want to open up to money and gems. Keys let you open more treasure chests. Red dots are the worse so just hope you do not land on these. Good luck!

Fractional Treasure Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJul 15, 2021
DeveloperMath Games

6359 plays


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