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Flow Mania



Game Description

Flow Mania is a free puzzle game. Get out of the rat-race and get into the flow with flow mania, a puzzle game that is all about making connections and connecting the dots. The world is just one big two-dimensional grid filled with different colored nodes. Your job is to find the paths which connect those nodes without getting in the way of the other flow-lines. You should be able to blow through the first few levels pretty easily but what you don't know is that the game is just teaching you how to play it. Eventually, it gets hard, the puzzle unravels and you have to dig in your heels and strike back against a world where everything has gone haywire. You'll be able to undo any mistakes but your score is based on your accuracy and how many times you have to re-do the level. The less the better, so, keep your strokes down and your hopes up as you tap, slash, and connect the nodes in this simple but addictive puzzle game. Believe in yourself and you can connect the dots of your dreams in this fun and free puzzle game.


On a desktop computer use your mouse to click on a node and drag the line to the connecting node. If you are on a mobile device use your finger to tap and drag a line between the nodes.

Flow Mania Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateOct 1, 2020

84906 plays


over 3 years ago

This one gets more challenging. :)