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Falling Numbers



Game Description

Falling Numbers is a puzzle game that is similar to 2048. In the game of 2048, you slide two of the same number together to become one number. You keep doing this by sliding two numbers until you get the largest number you can possibly get. Falling Numbers is similar except that you drop the numbers from above. If you have a 2 you want to drop it above another 2 so that the numbers combine to become 4. Then you would want to drop 4 on top of another 4. You can also use this opportunity to push two other numbers together if there is no matching number in sight. Your objective is to add together the numbers until you reach the highest number possible without running out of space. 


To play this puzzle game, drag the number across the top, and click on the screen to drop it. Ideally, you want to drop it next to or above the same number. If there is no number available, drop to push other numbers together or where you believe it would best be needed. Keep dropping numbers but avoid running out of space. If you get stuck, you can always restart the game with a new set of numbers.

Falling Numbers Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateMay 13, 2021

22921 plays


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