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Escape the Bomb



Game Description

Escape the Bomb is a stress-inducing escape game where you have to disarm a bomb before it’s too late. It’s an odd situation. Someone has kidnapped you and left you a room with a note. They say it’s nothing personal but now you have two hours to live unless you can defuse the detonator. Can you solve this mystery before your insides get blown to pieces? Escape games are challenging puzzles that require thinking out of the box in using only the limited items around you. Search every corner and crevice until you’ve found every clue possible. Use your items to figure out locks and password that can help you solve this escape game.


To play Escape the Bomb, you need to use your detective skills to investigate the items around you. Use your mouse to click on the items and place it in your itinerary. Like most escape games, solve any puzzles and figure out any codes that may give you a clue into how to disarm the obstacle. You only have two hours to complete this online game. However, if you don’t make it, you can always retry the game. It may take a few tries before you figure out of this escape game!

Escape the Bomb Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateFeb 8, 2007
DeveloperAddicting Games

8848742 plays


over 2 years ago

and i want to thank rainbowambriel for the code i did not know the code intell i saw the tip


over 2 years ago

i like escape games so i love it


over 3 years ago

the lock password is 1225

Royal White Tiger

over 3 years ago

This cool but I never escape


almost 4 years ago

I remember playing this about 10 years ago. Still love it. Haha


over 4 years ago

i don't like this game


over 4 years ago



almost 5 years ago

what is this.


over 5 years ago

yuck...I didnt like it at all.


over 5 years ago

yay i completed game :D