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Escape From Detention



Game Description

Escape From Detention is a fun escape game where you’re a student trying to get out of detention.You’ve dozed off in detention—again—only this time nobody woke you up when it was all over, and now you have to find a way out of here on your own in this escape game. As if getting detention was bad enough, you seemed to have dozed off and drooled all over your desk. Now that you’re awake, everyone seems to have gone and locked you in here with a series of puzzles you must solve before you can escape. Maybe that’ll teach you to stop goofing off in class—if detention starts to turn into an all-night affair. So wake yourself up and play this fun escape game before your parents find out! 


To play Escape From Detention, use your mouse to click and navigate through the room. Click on items that you think may be helpful and figure out how they can be used in other parts of the room. Explore the detention room, clicking anything of interest, and many things that aren’t—just in case. Eventually, you’ll get a good sense of the environment, and can start putting the various puzzle pieces together until you start to solve the puzzles, one-by-one. Eventually, you’ll figure it all out, and you’ll successfully Escape from Detention.

Escape From Detention Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateOct 11, 2012
DeveloperShattered Games

4464526 plays


about 3 years ago

how do i play it without flash?? please help me....I can't play any of the games because flash is no longer available


almost 5 years ago

OMG That was insane. I like that there are "clues" that throw you off. I was so confused.


about 5 years ago

its very slow and messes up my cumputer


about 5 years ago

the hamster scared me... but other wise gg


over 5 years ago

yyaaayy!!! mission accomplished!!


over 5 years ago

yayy i did it! :) awesome game :)


over 5 years ago

wow i did it!!!!


over 5 years ago

why wont it let me enter the code for the door?


over 5 years ago

whew difficult

Addict since 2015

over 5 years ago

where do i use the skeleton key?