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Escape 2: The Closet



Game Description

Escape 2: The Closet is a free escape game. You’ve been locked in the closet, and in order to win this puzzle game, you have to find your way out—it’s just fortunate there are no monsters in here. In this point and click adventure game, explore every inch of the closet in an attempt to find anything that might help you escape. Every item and every clue will have some kind of use, and it’s up to you to discover just what this use is, and how exactly to go about solving the game’s puzzles in your attempt to escape the closet.


Point and click adventures games are quite true to their name. You point, and you click, over and over, on everything and anything. If it looks like something interesting, click it. If it’s an item, use it. Try to put items together, try to use any item on any other items, or object. You’ll start to work your way through the puzzles, and who knows, maybe eventually you’ll escape.

Escape 2: The Closet Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateMar 16, 2007

9298901 plays


over 2 years ago

gamerqueen16: there is no way that you escaped in 20 seconds, it is hard, there is no possible way that you did that in that short amount of time


almost 5 years ago

i don't ishdhebeis


about 5 years ago

11 min woowe


over 5 years ago

yay did it in 1.36 WHOOO HOOOO


over 5 years ago

yay 59 seconds


over 5 years ago

wooowww took me 30 mins


over 5 years ago

wheres the key

1D lover

over 5 years ago

wheres tha key to tha attic


over 5 years ago

where is the key to the attic?


over 5 years ago

what the point of these games