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Empty Room Escape



Game Description

Empty Room Escape is a locked room puzzle! You’re locked in this simple room, and it’s up to your puzzle-solving skills to figure out a way out in this escape game. Well, this is unfortunate. You’ve been locked in this room. If only you could just walk on over to the door, turn the latch, and leave. Nope—if only it were that easy. If that were the case, what kind of escape game would this be? You’ve got to use your noggin to find a way out of here.


As with most escape games of this nature—and point and click adventure games in general—it’s all about the clicking. Click everything and anything. Explore the room, clicking anything of interest, and many things that aren’t—just in case. Eventually, you’ll get a good sense of the environment, and can start putting the various puzzles pieces together until you start to solve the puzzles, one-by-one. Eventually, you’ll figure it all out, and you’ll successfully escape from this room.

Empty Room Escape Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateFeb 19, 2016
DeveloperIgor Krutov

4031788 plays

vanessa wilkerson

over 3 years ago

This is hard but I like it


about 4 years ago

omg i reached using the chair legs to get to the rend vent button thing code for toolbox - - - . . . - - -


over 4 years ago

the Game is not moving why cant I play


almost 5 years ago

yap i'm out of there


almost 5 years ago

the code of the safe is under the chair focus on that little pic


almost 5 years ago

This room has a QR code under the chair. I don't have a smart there any way I can continue in this room?


about 5 years ago

I did this all on my own :)


about 5 years ago

Empty room escape


over 5 years ago

yay im out


over 5 years ago

wtf!! how