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Game Description

Dual is a free desktop game. When you hear the name of the game you might be thinking 'Duel' as in two different people in some sort of combat. But we actually mean it like 'Dual' meaning two conjoined or related aspects. So, please, if you were expecting some sort of sword or revolver duel then this is not the game for you. If you are interested then strap in, because we think that Dual is even better than a duel. In fact we're willing to bet on it.  Welcome to the Gemini paradox, a problem solved through play. These are the Gemini dots, they are parallel to each other and their fates are entwined forever yet they will never meet. You must activate the Gemini dots in order to allow the passage of a variety of different sized cosmic blocks. This is an essential job for the most experienced of astral engineers. You will be tasked with the noble challenge of moving the stars themselves in order to facilitate the falling cosmic blocks. Beware! Although your work is important it is also dangerous. The falling blocks are lethal to your twin stars and you must not only open a channel for them to fall through but also make sure your twin dots themselves never collide with the blocks for it may mean certain doom. So, go forth and click, spin, rotate your way through a series of space, and time-based challenges. Those of you who are able to survive the longest will have your screen names recorded for posterity in the hallowed halls of our leader board.


On your desktop computer please use the left or right arrows or the A and D keys to move the Dual stars back and forth and avoid the falling blocks.

Dual Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJun 23, 2022

6495 plays


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