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Districts of the USA



Game Description

Districts of the USA is an educational game that teaches you about each district in the USA. The USA is separated into districts for the sake of judicial jurisdiction. Each state has its districts but some states are entire districts. There are 436 districts and each game will randomly ask you to identify 30.  If you need to study your districts for school, then this online map game will help you get prepared. This educational game is all about teaching you even when you make a mistake. If you select the wrong district, you will get notified of which district you did select for future reference. Play, again and again, until you are an expert or have a better understanding of the districts of each state. 


To play this map game, look at the question asked and select the region it corresponds to. Each game is 30 random questions. You start with 100 points and lose points with every wrong question. As a hint, the district will start with the state code it corresponds to so it is important to first know the state codes and their locations. You cannot advance until the next question until you find the correct answer. Use the zoom options to identify some of the smaller districts.

Districts of the USA Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateDec 3, 2020
DeveloperPlay Geography

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