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Daily Takuzu



Game Description

Daily Takuzu is a puzzle game that will help you exercise your mind on a daily basis. Play every day for a different puzzle and challenge that you can select. You have the option to choose Easy or Hard. From there, you have the option to select 8X8, 10X10, 12X12, and 14X14 depending on how long you want to play. Complete one challenge or complete all 8 if you’re on a roll and feeling confident. The concept is the same as any other takuzu game except you are using red and black squares. This online game is set against a tranquil background with soothing music to help you concentrate. This online puzzle challenges your mind without being overwhelming or putting pressure on you. Create your own challenge every day by sitting back and solving your daily puzzle!


To play this puzzle game, color every square either black or red in such a way that there are no 3 consecutive blocks vertically or horizontally. Each row and column must contain the same number of red or black squares. Click on the square to change its color. In the lower right-hand corner, you have the option to undo or restart if you get stuck

Daily Takuzu Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateAug 13, 2020
DeveloperNeon Games

21417 plays


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