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Daily Sokoban 2



Game Description

Daily Sokoban is a daily puzzle game where your objective is to push all the boxes to the spaces marked with an X. Play as an adorable factory worker character with overalls and a green little hat. You’re dressed and ready to get the day started and get all of the storage boxes to their rightful places. Every day there is a new pattern and challenge for you to solve! The red blocks are walls that you can get through. You must push every single box into a marked spot until you see the green checkmark. If you get stuck, don’t stress! You have the option to undo a move or simply start over! This is a challenging puzzle game but don’t overthink it. It’s the perfect puzzle game to get your morning started or to unwind after a long day.  


To play this puzzle game, push the boxes to the spaces marked with an X. Only one box can be pushed at a time. Boxes cannot be dragged. Use the cursor keys to move the man on computers. On mobile devices, use your finger to drag the man. The backspace key can undo your last move. You can also use the options in the bottom lefthand panel to undo a move or restart the game.

Daily Sokoban 2 Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateMay 28, 2020
DeveloperNeon Games

18049 plays


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