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Cube Zoobies



Game Description

Cube Zoobies is an online 3-dimensional version of mahjong games. So if you’re a fan of mahjong games, you should definitely play this easy online game. Match your favorite animals together in this cute online game. This puzzle game has adorably drawn animals like penguins, hippos, koalas, and bears on colorful and bright cubes. The puzzle game is set against equally cute and colorful backgrounds of the natural habitats of these animals like forests and beaches. This puzzle game is perfect if you want just a little bit of challenge without overwhelming yourself. Click on two free cubes until they’re all gone and before the timer runs out to advance to the next level. Go to the menu after you submit your score to see how well you scored against other Cube Zoobie players.


To play this puzzle game, click on any matching free cubes. A free cube is one that is not covered or has at least one free side. In the righthand column, you’ll see the score, level, and timer. Below this, you’ll also see the sound settings and your pause, shuffle, and hint buttons. The shuffle and hint button will cost you your points so use them wisely.

Cube Zoobies Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateDec 5, 2019
DeveloperNeon Games

16884 plays


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