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Countries Of The World Level 3



Game Description

Countries of the World is a geography game to help you with your memorization! You may know where popular countries land on the map, but do you know where Moldava, Guyana, and Suriname are? Don’t worry if you don’t, this quiz game will help you out. Whether you are a map expert or you don’t even know where your feet are, this map game will help test your memorization skills. There are 30 questions per level and 3 levels to play. Use this game to help yourself study for your geography test or simply because you want to widen your map knowledge. Pass all 3 levels while keeping all your points to become the ultimate map expert!


To play this map game, click start and answer the question by clicking a spot on the map. Answer the question incorrectly 3 times, and the game will show you the right answer. For every wrongly selected area, you will be shown the name of the area to help you learn. Each area already named will stay highlighted green and you will not be asked that area again at that level. Every game starts with 100 points but you lose points with every wrong answer.

Countries Of The World Level 3 Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateApr 8, 2021
DeveloperPlay Geography

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almost 3 years ago

PLAYER NEEDS FEEDBACK if you want to help your players LEARN & NOT JUST PLAY. HOW? Once player clicks on the the CORRECT COUNTRY, that country should QUICKLY DISPLAY the PROPER COUNTRY NAME and not just TURN GREEN & go on to the next challenge. This would help to reinforce the PROPER country name for the next time the PLAYER plays the game.