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Countries of Europe



Game Description

Countries of Europe is an educational game that teaches you about geography in Europe. Maybe you want to visit Europe or maybe you need to learn this for a class. Regardless of the reason, this map game is a great way to teach yourself on the countries of Europe. Do you know where Spain or Poland are? Maybe those are easy but can you point out Slovakia or Azerbaijan? Now it is getting a little bit harder, right? This is an online game where getting the answers wrong is not necessarily a bad thing. The map game teaches you as you play by letting you know which countries you selected and the correct ones. Play until you are able to keep your full points no matter which country you are asked about. Do not hesitate to learn as you play with this educational game.


To play this map game, select play, and answer the question by selecting a place on the map. There are 30 random questions per each session. You begin with 100 points, and for every wrong answer, you lose points. After getting the answer wrong 3 times, you will be prompted to select the correct area. Use the zoom features to select smaller countries.

Countries of Europe Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateDec 10, 2020
DeveloperPlay Geography

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