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Connect Merge 248



Game Description

Connect Merge 248 is a free puzzle game. Picture this: you find yourself in a realm where bubbles with numbers float gracefully within a grid, waiting for a valiant gamer like yourself to bring order to the numerical chaos. Who could resist such a cosmic challenge? As the guardian of the Number Nexus, you'll start with humble single-digit bubbles. But fear not! Your mission is to merge these bubbly marvels strategically. Combine two "4" bubbles to summon the mighty "8," and fuse those formidable fours to unleash the cosmic force of the "16"! But that's just the beginning – the more you merge, the bigger and bolder the numbers become. Feel the thrill of this cosmic sea of bubbles, merging your way to astronomical achievements.


Use your finger to tap or your mouse to point and click. Your goal is to merge two like numbers to create a larger number. You can merge horizontally and diagonally. Your goal is to create as many merged numbers as possible.

Connect Merge 248 Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJan 25, 2024

541 plays


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