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Classic Freecell Solitaire



Game Description

Classic Freecell Solitaire is a card game for you to play! If you are a fan of solitaire games and are looking for the classic, then this is the online game for you. There are no bells and whistles to this online game. Instead, it has a classic theme with simple controls. The objective is the same as any other Freecell solitaire card game: build 4 foundations from Ace to King. There are 4 free cells you can use to help you win the game. Each game is timed so the faster you finish, the better your score. Each score is submitted to the leaderboards where you can either challenge yourself or other players! 


To play this solitaire game, build up all 52 cards into 4 foundations from Ace to King. There are 4 free cells at the top of the game that can hold any card. Cards can be stacked in alternating colors but can only be built in the foundation with the same suit. Cards can only be moved one at a time. Each game gives you only 3 Undos which you can find in the lower right-hand corner. To get a new deck of cards, you can click the restart button

Classic Freecell Solitaire Gameplay

Content RatingTeen+
Release DateApr 22, 2021
DeveloperNeon Games

23654 plays


almost 3 years ago

after first move, i got stuck; no referesh; no nothing