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Car Parking 2



Game Description

Car Parking 2 is an entertaining puzzle game where you use a car to push boxes into their place. Each level has its own challenge where you must figure out how to get every box into the spot with the “p.” You will not get bored with this online game because there are 200 levels for you to solve! To get the best possible score, you must complete the online puzzle using either exactly or less than the number under par. You can use an undo option if you make a mistake or you can completely restart the level if you’ve made too many errors. You can find the number of moves and your score in the lefthand panel. Once you have solved all 200 levels, select High Scores to see if you have a good enough score to be in the top 100! 


To play this puzzle game, use your keys to move the boxes and the backspace to undo a move. On touchscreen, use your finger to drag the pieces. Your objective is to push all the boxes into the spaces with the letter, “p.” Boxes can be pushed but not pulled and only one at a time.

Car Parking 2 Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateMay 21, 2020
DeveloperNeon Games

28004 plays

1 672 116 150

over 3 years ago

Love the game but cannot complete level 197 - is this possible and if so can someone show me a solution