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This game does not support mobile devices.

Capitals of North America



Game Description

Capitals of North America is a free geography game. Welcome to the wide and wonderful world of trivia for fun. Do you really know this great land of ours as well as you think you do? Well, now is your chance to prove it with this fun game of geographic trivia. Confident about Connecticut? Feeling like you know Michigan like the palm of your hand? This is a pop quiz hotshot and you need to prove whether or not you're as well versed in capitals as you like to think. We are giving you the opportunity to prove what you know and learn what you don't in fast, fun, and free geography-based trivia games. So, sharpen your mind, and share your knowledge as you click, tap, and answer your way through a series of questions that celebrate this great nation's great capitals.  This is a mobile game where you will be drilled with questions about where specific capitals are in the United States. You will have the ability to answer these questions by clicking on the map and selecting the region you think is the correct answer. Wrong answers will turn red and the right answers will glow green.


If you are on a desktop computer please use your mouse to click on the map and select the answer to the various questions being asked at the top of the screen. If you are on your mobile device please use your finger to tap on the map and select the correct capital that is the answer to the trivia question being asked.

Capitals of North America Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateOct 15, 2020
DeveloperPlay Geography

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