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Candy House



Game Description

Candy House is a matching game that is easy to play but hours of fun. There’s nothing too difficult about this matching game, all you have to do is match at least three blocks of the same color. It’s an easy and relaxing game that will help you kill time. There are 100 levels of puzzles for you to play so don’t wait to get started! Look out for special blocks that may not act like your normal one. For instance, those with stripes will knock out an entire row or column if you match it. With each level, there different variations of the blocks that you’ll have to solve. As you play this online game, the background will reveal a variety of colorfully drawn houses made of candy. Look to the lefthand column to keep track of your progress with a timer, score, and level.


To play this matching game, click on two blocks to swap them. Your objective is to match at least three of the same color. Once you earn enough points, the game will automatically send you to the next level. Go back to the menu to select the high scores and see how well you’re doing against other puzzle players.

Candy House Gameplay

Content RatingTeen+
Release DateNov 14, 2019
DeveloperNeon Games

89795 plays


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