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Boxing Punches



Game Description

Boxing Punches is a free clicker game. Wax on and punch out the competition in this hard-hitting boxing simulation where you can fight another player or go head to head with the computer in a no holds barred fight to end. Test your reflexes and click your way to victory as different enemies, objects, and bystanders pop up and disappear just as fast. If you want to build points you'll need to hit fast but also hit smart. The different objects, enemies, and bystanders are a challenge you will use to sharpen your skills. Hit the bad guys, but save the bystanders, smash the objects and not the kitties.; We have to save the kitties, folks, we don't think that needs to be repeated. If you're feeling down a good punch-up will help you get to the top of the charts in this fast, fun, and ferocious boxing game. If you're playing on desktop you can even slide into two-player mode and take on a friend for real in the comfort of your own home.


On a desktop computer use your right mouse button to punch. On a mobile device use your finger to tap and punch the opponent.

Boxing Punches Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateOct 29, 2020

61134 plays


about 2 years ago

it's hard