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Block Crusher



Game Description

Block Crusher is a free puzzle game. Sometimes the only way out is down. Strap on your workboots, buckle up your helmet, charge your jack-hammer and get busy crushing. Block Crusher is a fast-moving platform-style puzzle game where you dig through layers of rock, concrete, steel, and dirt in order to uncover hidden jewels, diamonds, and cool power-ups. You've played Tetris and all kinds of other block style games that burned your brain and had you pulling your hair out from frustration. Now is your chance to take revenge on the world of blocks and platforms. Drill your way to the center of fun and uncover a hidden world filled with blocks, upgrades, items, and diamonds. Block Crusher lets you live out your dream as the construction worker from the stars who comes to Earth to dig through our city streets and uncover our hidden secrets.

Your score in this game will be based on how long you're able to stay alive and keep on digging. The farther you go the faster you will go and the game will become considerably harder. Stay safe, dig hard, and uncover your destiny.


On a mobile device use your finger to tap the screen and direct the character where you want them to go. On your desktop computer use your mouse to determine the direction and the left mouse button to click where you want them to go.

Block Crusher Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJul 2, 2020
DeveloperTrue Valhalla

27496 plays


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