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Game Description

Blobs is a unique coloring-puzzle game that will keep you entertained. This casual game is a fun family-friendly game that you can play with your kids or just by yourself. The goal is to color all the circles the same color. Sounds easy enough, right? The trick is making sure you select a color that is similar to the ones around so that you color as much space as possible. Finish all 8 levels and submit your score to see how you rank against other players.


To play this casual puzzle game, look to the color of the upper-left circle. Check the circles around it and select of their colors to have them all matching. Keep going following this technique until you’ve completed the entire layout. The colors will be available in the painting palette in the lower-left corner. Simply click on the color you want to change your main pod. You have the option to pause and turn off sound or music in the options available on the lower-right hand corner. Once you’ve played and completed a level, you’re able to go back and play it again. Further levels will be locked until you’ve completed the ones before them.

Blobs Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateMay 17, 2019
DeveloperNeon Games

67822 plays


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