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Black And White Dimensions



Game Description

Black and White Dimensions is three dimensional mahjong madness. In this thrilling re-interpretation of everyones favorite chill out game, you'll be tasked with finding matching symbols on contrasting tiles which make up a giant floating cube which you must rotate to fully experience! This game literally takes the fun, puzzling, strategy of mahjong and puts it into a new dimension: the third dimension. You won't just be busying yourself with the where-abouts of individual matching tiles on a flat plane, oh no, you'll be spinning a floating obelisk made up of tiles and trying to find matching symbols on contrasting tiles which are also on the outer edge. This will inevitablely require short term tactics and long term strategy as you remove some tiles in order to free up other tiles --in the third dimension! Its fun, its fast, its like nothing you've ever plyed before, except mahjong. It's actully a alot like mahjong with a bunch of added stuff. But the point remains, it is fun, it is fast, it is tactical and it is here to burn your brain! 


Black and White Dimensions dares you to enter the thrilling arena of three dimensional Mahjong puzzles. Use your mouse to click on tile of contrasting color --black or white-- with matching symbols. You may only select tiles near the edge of the cube. Click on the buttons on the bottom left and right hand side of the screen to rotate the floating cube.

Black And White Dimensions Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJun 6, 2019
DeveloperNeon Games

36427 plays


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