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Beetle Solitaire



Game Description

Beetle Solitaire is a solitaire game that is fun to play! These little beetles are caught in the spider’s thread. Solve this solitaire game to free them before they are gobbled up by the spider. Follow the same rules of spider solitaire games by creating stacks from King to Ace of the same suit. To hold cards, you can stack them from different suits but you will not be able to move the stack. Each game is timed with only 30 minutes to complete the 4 stacks. If this game is unsolvable, you can always restart the game to get a new set of cards. If you solve a game, submit your score to see if you manage to land on the top 200 list. Challenge yourself to rise up the leaderboards and be the best Beetle Solitaire player!


To play this card game, arrange the cards from King to Ace in suit and descending order. You have the option to build down regardless of suit. A space can be filled by any card. Click on the stack when you need to be dealt with different cards. Restart the game or use 3 of your undo chances if you get stuck on a game.

Beetle Solitaire Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateNov 26, 2020
DeveloperNeon Games

16222 plays


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