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Alice in Tetrisland



Game Description

Alice in Tetrisland is fantastical take on your basic Tetris puzzle game. This casual game has a whimsical layout based on the story of Alice in Wonderland. Once you've finished the game, you can submit your score and see how well you did against other players. This game follows the basic rules of Tetris: the goal of the game is to complete a horizontal line to make them disappear. This is an online game that you definitely need to check out. 


You can use the in-game controls on the left side column or you can use your arrow keys on your keyboard for this casual Tetris game. You'll see the outline of the upcoming piece to see where it would be landing without your intervention. The left and right keys move the piece left or right. The up arrow key flips the puzzle piece around if needed. The down arrow key moves the piece down faster. If you want to drop the piece completely, you can either hit the center key with the horizontal line on the screen or press the space key. In the circle above the controls on the screen, you'll see the upcoming piece. On the right side, you'll see a circle with the letter P. You can use this to hold a piece while you move the next piece. You'll also find your score and level below this. The options to pause and turn off your sound and/or music is also available.

Alice in Tetrisland Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateMay 30, 2019
DeveloperNeon Games

31724 plays


over 2 years ago

pure trash