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10 Mahjong



Game Description

10 Mahjong is a unique version of the class mahjong game This is a different take on the class game where you need to have your math skills ready. Instead of matching tiles with the same icon, you must find 2 tiles of the same kind that will add up to 10. Add up the tiles before the timer runs out in order to advance to the next level. There are 15 levels of this mahjong game for you to solve. Each level has its own pattern and difficulty. To help you out, open tiles will be lit up while the others will have a shadow across them. Work quickly to make all of the tiles disappear before your timer goes out, otherwise, you’ll have to start over. Once you’ve solved all 15 levels, your score will be automatically submitted. Click on the high scores button from the menu to see where you rank against other puzzle players.


To play this online puzzle game, click on 2 of the same tiles that will add up to 10. Each tile must be open which means at least one side must be free and it cannot be covered by another tile. In the righthand corner, you will see your score, level, and the timer. You’ll also see the options for hint and shuffle.

10 Mahjong Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJan 20, 2020
DeveloperNeon Games

83391 plays


over 1 year ago

It's okay, a bit tricky though


about 2 years ago

Fun...Somewhat of a challenge on a smaller phone.


about 2 years ago

This game is awesome


over 2 years ago

Fun little game. It's a bit tricky to learn at first, but it's a blast once you get into the swing of things.


over 2 years ago

Non male questo gioco, mi piacciono molto i giochi di mahjong.. adoro! ;-)