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Imperia Online



Game Description

Life and death is a brutal game of cat and mouse in the medieval world of Imperia Online! From the comfort of your favorite gaming chair, you will be able to found a village, raise an empire and maybe even conquer the world! No atomic supermen needed, only your own tactics and strategy, the elegant but determined management of resources and the cold cunning needed to win major battles. In Imperia Online you are the emperor of a developing province. Struggling with resource problems, border squabbles, and neighbors who are thirsty for conquest. It's your job to unite your people, put them to work and use them to build a glorious new empire. An empire that can go toe to toe with any other empire on the planet, perhaps even an empire that can dominate the planet and reshape it in your own twisted image!


Imperia Online is a deep but elegant Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game with lots of room for strategy and an innovative combat system. In order to play the game, you will have to use your mouse to access and scroll through all menus. From there you can manage your resources, grow your economy, and build your empire. You will need food, water and other resources for empire building as well as a mighty army. Choose and train your infantry, archers, and other knights as well as the various upgrades they will need to complete their missions. Expand the borders of your province until the sun never sets on your empire. You are the only force left in the universe and all living creatures are either your subjects or your victims!

Imperia Online Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJan 24, 2019
DeveloperImperia Online

55100 plays


over 1 year ago

I like the game so far but does anyone know how to change the language?


over 2 years ago

it is a AWSOME GAME!!!


almost 3 years ago

Great tutorial, defiantly addicting, good medieval vibe.


about 3 years ago

i love this game