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Conflict of Nations: WW3



Game Description

Well, what are you waiting for? The world isn't just going to take over itself. Chaos reigns and the world has become a powderkeg just waiting for a madman to light a match. It might as well be you and it might as well be now! Choose your country --or let the computer do it for you-- and then devise a strategy! The world is at war and it is waiting for you to take control. Grab this writhing mess by the reigns and ride it into submission. Choose your infantry, your armor divisions, your airforce, and maybe even your navy! Upgrade each of these units while you map out a strategy to provide resources and manage the economy of your burgeoning empire! There is an opportunity in chaos, the opportunity for order. You can be that order. You can be the spark that will light the flame that will burn down the terror and chaos of the future.


Please use your mouse to interact with the in-game menus. From these in-game menus, you will be able to select the types of units you wish to purchase like infantry. bunkers, armor divisions, and even an air force. You will also be able to upgrade all of your units. Everything from their speed to their willpower to their attack or defensive ability. Conflict of Nations is a massively multiplayer Online Roleplaying game. You will be fighting not only an immensely powerful AI but also other players from around the world who are as dead set on conquest as you are.

Conflict of Nations: WW3 Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateApr 16, 2019
DeveloperBytro Labs

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over 3 years ago

I love watching wars ( not hen we lose) I think it is cool when I get to do my own war!!!!